Jan Marie Kazarian

Jan Marie Kazarian

Office Manager

Jan Marie is our office Wonder Woman responsible for client contact, archiving, corporate liaisons, and fact-finding. She also takes care of estate distribution and general problem-solving needs for the firm’s clients. She ensures client’s questions are addressed in a prompt and thorough manner. She is the master of detail and makes sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.

Jan Marie has been in the financial industry since 1991 and enjoys it because of the personal client interactions she is able to have every day. When she works with clients, she gets to know them on a deeper level than just financially and evaluates their situations with an open heart and mind.

In addition to her industry experience, Jan Marie also has experience in caregiving and working with individuals going through life transitions such as disability planning and hospice care. She worked to put her husband through disability and has an intimate understanding of the medical and Social Security system.

Outside of the office, Jan Marie enjoys spending time with her family going on drives, especially to the beach. She has past volunteer experience with the PTA, where she worked her way up to Counsel President. She was also a Girl Scout leader and classroom teacher’s aid for many years.