Our Story

More than three decades ago, our firm set out with a singular mission: to help as many families as possible take control of their finances and plan adequately for their future. What started as a “one man shop” soon evolved into a boutique practice with two part-time assistants, Alice Amick and Jan Marie Kazarian. We are dedicated to hard work and raising our families right. As our children aged, we matured professionally and ultimately took over the practice.

Today, we run the firm with the same family values that motivated us to pursue this industry all those years back: honesty, loyalty, and stewardship. We strive to serve our clients with these ethical standards every dayThese standards are being embraced by Ashley Kazarian, Jan Marie’s daughterAshley is becoming a Fiduciary partner and is passionate about carrying the firm to the next generation.

We utilize our personal experiences, such as caring for aging loved ones and raising children, to relate on an intimate level with our clients. As a result, our client relationships often develop into friendships that span multiple generations.

We have built our practice around helping families with all of their financial concerns and providing a safe, comfortable environment for them. Multi-generational family planning, legacy planning, and education are at the heart of our firm and we offer clients a high-touch, personal process.

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