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Our Team

Jan Marie Kazarian

Jan Marie Kazarian

Office Manager 

Jan Marie is our strategical specialist who works with clients to develop their accounts, plan their estate, and navigate other logistical needs.

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Alice Amick, CFS, AIF

Alice Amick, CFS, AIF

Wealth Manager

Alice is our financial architect and investment advisor. She specializes in long-term planning and acts as a Fiduciary for her clients.

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Ashley Kazarian

Ashley Kazarian


Ashley is our associate and is working on becoming a Fiduciary partner at the firm.  She works with our clients on their insurance needs and is our office notary and scheduler.

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Our Advantage

Our team is here to make a plan for your future and for the security of your family! We know there are few things more personal than investing your hard-earned assets. At our firm, we sincerely care about the financial decisions our clients make and work hard to educate them on their choices.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, listen to our clients, and provide a safe space for personal and financial growth.

We treat our clients like family and provide more than just financial advice; we provide a source of support in tough times and a place of celebration in good ones.

We aren't tied to products or services from a single company or family of companies but are free to find those products and services that may be most appropriate for our clients.

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Mapping Out Your Financial Future

Everyone has a different opinion on how you should invest or manage your money. With so much contradictory advice, you may have a hard time confidently deciding what will work for your personal situation. Every person is unique and has their own definition of financial independence, which means no one financial strategy fits all.

Our team creates a personalized financial map to guide you toward your desired destination. We simplify complex financial terms and investment options, offer honest advice, and help you navigate the complexities of investing and financial strategies. In all we do, our goal is to humbly serve you by nurturing long-term relationships built on trust and performance.

Our Process
Understanding & Compassionate

Understanding & Compassionate

We get to know our clients on a personal level before we start talking about investments. We make the effort to understand their past, present, and future, and work with them to develop strategies that are tailored to their unique situation.

Family-Oriented<br /><br />


We work in close collaboration with the children and grandchildren of our clients and believe that the more educated a family is about their investments, the more efficiently they can plan for the future.

A Source of Support<br /><br />

A Source of Support

We continue to communicate with our clients even after we develop a plan together. Frequent discussions allow us to stay on top of personal as well as financial changes in their lives. Periodic reviews ensure progress towards their short and long term goals.